Ryan Young

Ryan works for Hy-Vee as a UX Designer by day. At night and on weekends, he makes various forms of traditional and digital art for himself and sometimes for businesses and local organizations.

For commissions or collaborations, please email:
hello [at] ryancyoung (dot) com


I've made logos for a variety of businesses and orginizations throughout my career. Some for startups. Some for nonprofits. Some just for fun.

Logos are one of my favorite types of projects because I get to do a lot of thumbnail sketching early, cranking out ideas and seeing how they evolve.

Nice things people have said:

Joey Kirk, Co-founder of Made by Munsters

“If you’re in the market for an illustrator who’s awesome and amazing, you need to hire this guy. You won’t regret it.“

— Joey Kirk, Co-founder of Made by Munsters